Let’s Play: Can you Make this Window Display Better?

With more retailers incorporating video monitors to showcase their brand or merchandise selection, it is just natural that they be placed inside the store or in window displays. In fact, adding movement to an otherwise static display can attract attention.
How would I address this particular window display? View my planograms for a couple of options.

2 Comments on “Let’s Play: Can you Make this Window Display Better?”

  1. Thanks Natalie. I watched your video. Very nice example. You mentioned how video screens can bring movement to an otherwise stationary display. In terms of movement, do you have an opinion of dynamic mannequins that can bring movement to the clothing itself?

    1. I am not so sure how effective a dynamic mannequin will be. For sure, it will garner attention to the display, however I am hesitant to say yes because my concern is that attention might be more on the mannequins than the actual product being sold. I guess this depends on the movements- if the mannequins’ movements showcase the outfit? Thank you for your comment.

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