It is NOT Advisable to Do This

What’s wrong with this display? Well, nothing really, except for the fact that I could not buy the item I wanted. See that nice casual peachy pink dress in the middle? I could not find where it is merchandised, hence I asked for assistance. After 10 minutes, the sales associate could not find it either in the entire store. He went to ask other associates who also did not know until finally the last associate said it is likely the last one. Of course the size is not the correct one for me, hence I left the store disappointed. IF the store chooses to promote a product and display it prominently the least they could do is have it in stock and merchandised immediately adjacent to the mannequin display. OR, they could simply not dress the mannequin with this item. Just for fun, I asked where the plaid dress is merchandised. Of course it is no surprise that it is nowhere near the mannequin display. It was found on the opposite wall, on the other side of the store. Dont Items Far or Last One

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