Intensive Spatial Intensity

WHOA! TOO INTENSE? What do you think of these displays? When I first saw the one on the topmost photo, I thought it was a pleasant display! In fact, it is an innovative way to display the maximum amount of SKUs in a minimal amount of space. While I am not too enamored of the bottom walking shorts display, it was nevertheless an effective one as I noticed shoppers gravitating towards this wall.– Case in point the misplaced shirt third to the right.

However, what about the pants display on the bottom photo? Though I agree that this is a very good way to maximize the number of units per sq. ft. of selling space (it was displayed this way on both wall and floor gondola units), I notice customers not really shopping this section. It might have helped if there was a break in the middle, not unlike to what they have done here with a face out of the tri-folded pants, but of a single style faced out. This way, customers can see the style of the pants. Better yet, a full body form showing a coordinated outfit would be good.

By the way, product intensity such as this is best suited to either popular price point merchandise or those in outlet stores.

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