In this day and age of retailing, one expects better!

This store is really just a disaster. Well the good part is that it provides me with numerous photos to use in this blog. Need I really say anything? This picture says it all! What is RIGHT? I cannot find any good thing here except that at least the products are the same in one hook. How can this display be better? First, maybe choosing one category to display will great improve this unit. Footwear and bracelets hardly create a tight story. Second, allocate an appropriate amount of products to make the unit look full. Third, longer hooks will help in achieving the right merchandise intensity. Fourth, IF bracelets and slippers are the only things to display, I would fill the top portion with bracelets on hooks, placed an inch or two apart. The lower portion can then be filled with slippers, merchandised uniformly in military grid style. Dont Display Strat3

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