In-store Lighting plays a crucial role in selling. I use Lighting as part of my arsenal in getting shoppers to buy. How? I apply at least a couple levels of lighting whenever possible. The brightest is reserved for my focal points. These are places I want shoppers to first notice when entering the selling space. Almost always, these areas tell the section’s story and set customer expectations of what they can find. I prefer using pendant lamps as well, to create emphasis and deliver that ‘wow’ factor in a focal display. I also ensure that task areas such as the cash desk has adequate lighting levels to ensure a smooth transaction. The second level of lighting are those that illuminate products on either wall units or floor fixtures.  I try to never light flooring or blank spaces as I do not want to waste any ‘eyes’ on these areas. Spillover lighting is often enough to brighten walkways.

Before Transformation: Can you see the difference effective lighting can accomplish?

AFTER TRANSFORMATION: Efficient Illumination of the Selling Space

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