I Don’t Like Being Misled

Take a look at these two photos. What do you think this shop sells? When I first saw it, I got excited. Being a tea lover, I enjoy checking out new tea shops and look forward to sampling new flavours. I walk into this store and started perusing the tea pots on display but got confused as a sales associate approached me and asked if I would like to try their skin care line. WHAT?! Skincare?! Uhhh, I thought I was walking into a tea shop. The name even says TEA. What is going on? Tea infused skin care is NOT what I was expecting. The aggressive push to try on and buy their product hardly endeared this shop to me. In fact, I felt I was tricked into walking inside this store. I value retailers who are upfront with what they offer and fulfill expectations they have set through visuals and shop name. Yes, the chairs should’ve tipped me off but I honestly thought they were to provide a relaxing experience while sipping their teas.

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