How to Easily DEVALUE a BRAND

Its funny how it seems that some companies view their employees as second class citizens. As if they are not deserving of a good retail setting. Case and point, take a look at this employee store. From the exterior, you can already tell that it looks like an ad hoc retail space. Trust me, the interior pretty much is summed up by this exterior shot. Is it maybe this store is not located in Canada’s capital? Is it because it is here ‘out’ west? Is this what their ‘western based’ employees deserve?
Worse, (and more importantly) they may not realize that the way their logo’d merchandise is presented GREATLY DEVALUES the brand. A BRAND, that the company wishes to elevate. I firmly believe that good and effective branding starts from within- it starts from the employees believing in and having an emotional connection with the brand. This goes more than value perception of the actual merchandise.

PS. And Oh, see how it says CLOSED? Well, its open. Retail is in the details.Dont AC

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