Fashion Accessories TRAGEDY

OK, what is right in this display? Maybe it is easier to just point out what can be improved. Let us start with the huge gaps in product display, creating a large white space in between the products. What’s the big deal about the large white space? Well, for one, they attract the eye more than the merchandise. Then, how about the manner in which the accessories are displayed? Do they really think customers will be attracted to this display? How difficult is it to move the lowest hangrail a little higher so it can be easily accessible? I prefer smaller sized items displayed eye to waist level to make them more visible. Last, I cannot leave without pointing this out. While I do admire the goal of a back-lit wall to attract attention, it can also lessen the impact of the very products being promoted. In this case, the merchandise looks dark and since the eye is attracted to the brightest points, well in this case, the brightest point is the wall. If only they could’ve directed some lighting to this wall, it would’ve maybe solved the issue. Arrgh, well, even if they did, they display is still a tragedy…Dont Display Strat

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