Do and Don’t: When Replenishing Means Sales or NO Sales

Retail IS in the details. I wonder how many times I’ve stressed the importance of the simple things that could make or break a retailer’s sales for the day. Replenishment is never romantic, nor is it something everyone looks forward to doing. However, replenishing inventory is key to sales. I wonder how many retailers are losing sales because they fail to do this very thing.

DO: I can understand that during the course of a busy day, keeping a full display can be challenging. However ensuring that shelves are filled conveys a positive impression, not only of product dominance but also of a healthy business.

DON’T: Last I checked these boxed chocolates were at full price. I was expecting that they be at least 50% off they way they are presented. Lack of attention to detail is detrimental to merchandise turnover and therefore business performance. Worse, not only was it a busy Saturday, this display is located in the main traffic aisle, in a major interesction or what is also referred to as strike zone.

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