Do and Don’t: Light Up!

Do you know that the brightest stores catches the most eyes? Ditto with the brightest spots inside a selling space, hence features and focals gets the most light. I am not saying to equally light up the entire floor, as lighting when used properly, can create drama and lead the eye from one point to the next. That is why I often feel bad for stores who are not aware of this. Not only are they losing “eyes” they are also losing sales.

DO: A nice bright clean window display attracts a good amount of attention. The lighting is bright enough to fight the outside glare so merchandise on display is easily seen. Not only does this window display attract attention, I also notice customers walking in looking for a specific piece they saw in this window.

DON’T: When a space is dark, most customers often ignore it. Such a waste of a great opportunity to showcase the shop’s merchandise. It was difficult to take a good photo of this window due to the reflection from the main mall corridor. I had to struggle to find an angle that shows the merchandise best. The reflection of brighter things across this window is more dominant than the very products being sold.

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