Do and Don’t: IF You Have to Really Use Slatwalls

DO: Did I ever mention I like slatwalls the least? However I do understand retailers preferring them for their versatility. However I believe there are several other fixture options to attaining the same versatility without sacrificing the look. At any rate the photo above is a DO if ever slatwalls are used. Not only is it in wood veneer, it also uses metal slat inserts that reinforce the wall and at the same time lessen the impact of horizontal lines. Filling the wall with merchandise also make the repeated patterns of line less obvious.

DON’T: This wall is a no-no. The white slats make the repeated pattern of horizontal lines more pronounced and thus I feel that it catches the eye more so than the products. Here, the wall actually devalues the very products merchandised on it. What else can be improved aside from too much negative space? Pots and pans with framed pictures? What kind of an adjacency is that?

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