Do and Don’t: Do you walk looking up?!

Its funny how some retailers assume customers walk with their heads tilted up. This is evident in the signage they install not only in their shop windows but also inside the store. Some stores put up their signs too high with small print that I am not sure whose attention they expect to catch. Don’t they realize we humans walk looking forward, turning our heads comfortably 45 degrees left or right? I say 9′ high as their highest is good for directional signs as we expect to look up to search for directions (e.g. exits, washrooms, etc). However for large store signs, I say 6-8′ high is workable. For signs that announces an event with small print, don’t you think eye level is best?

DO: This is a good height for the shop’s announcement poster (left). Its easy to read and one can’t miss this.

DON’T: Does the store really expect customers to notice this sign while walking past this window? Much less, read it? It might be my age or the reflection from the mall lighting  but I tried reading the sign’s small print and no matter how hard I try, I simply could not.

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