Do and Don’t: Brand Names on Windows

Ever been tricked into entering a store thinking they’d have an item they really don’t? Doesn’t that just tick you off?! That’s what happened to me in this ‘don’t’ photo.

DO: Brand names attract customer attention. In this case, the Hunter brand is supported by the Hunter rain boots displayed immediately below the sign. This makes shopping easy by informing customers the shop has the brand and as one can immediately see, carries an assortment of Hunter merchandise.

DON’T: Where’s the Crocs?! I made the mistake of thinking (as I am sure others were led to believe too) that Crocs now make these pretty wedged sandals displayed in the window.  I was anticipating these super comfy sandals but when I got inside, I was informed that these very sandals weren’t made by Crocs. So why label the window Crocs? Maybe it was a trick to get me inside the shop to try them on? Well, as a trick to get me in, it worked, but what a disappointment!

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