Do and Don’t: $500 Sitting Atop a Box?!

Shocked I tell you, I am shocked to see a $500 item sitting atop an inventory box. Is retail space in such a premium that a shelf could not be spared? When I buy something that costs $500, I almost expect my heels to sink in some lush carperting with nice ambience surrounding me.

DO: The display informs customers of what price to expect to pay. In this case, mid price point is what I guessed these dinnerware to be and indeed, they are. Besides price, the display also gave me ideas on how to display them at home and the different items I can add to make my dinner table more appealing.

DON’T: $500 for this set? That’s highway robbery! That is what most people will almost say when seeing this set sitting atop its carton box. Now if only it was displayed properly, I may find the $500 set a good value.

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