Display Height IS an Issue

A few weeks back I posted an image of beautifully sewn exquisite long gowns that were dragging the floor. This week, it is the opposite. These pants are hung so high up, I could not reach the hangers to take one to try, nor can I look for the size I want. Is that what the step stool is for? Why not make it easy and simply lower the hangrail so my eye or arm level hits the waistline where the design is located and can be easily seen? At this height, my eye level hits the knees.

Another thing that can be improved is the placement of colours. Black is an optically heavy colour while light gray is simply that- lighter. I would move the light grey to the left, keep the blues in the middle and the blacks to the right. This way, it will be pleasing to the eye. Left to Right, Light to Dark or Light to Heavy. You VMs out there, I know your closet at home is already set that way, within colour palette, isn’t it?

And just one more teeny tiny thing, I would finger-comb the pants so the displays are neat and tidy. Yes, it is exhausting being a perfectionist.   🙂dont-height2

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