D is for Direction of Traffic

SPRING TIME CHECKLIST FROM A to ZNow that our communities are starting to ease into more openings, I thought some retail tips and strategies to capture your returning shoppers may be helpful. I will take the next few weeks to go through an A to Z list of things for you to consider. Hope you can glean a few ideas to employ in your selling space!


When one sets a layout in their store, the vital points to consider include an effortless entry that leads the shopper to the entire selling space and also an easy exit when they have completed their purchase. This is where one looks at how the direction of traffic – from where shoppers are coming from; to how the entryway to the store can be made almost seamless; and once inside the store, how to influence where customers go. This detail is one of the most crucial elements when planning the retail space. This has a direct bearing on sales performance and one that can at times be overlooked. After all, a layout that fails to consider this can create heavy traffic spots that makes customers simply want to leave while leaving the rest of the selling space empty. 

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