Ceiling Displays…Hmmmm

I am not sure about you, but I like things in their proper places. I do admit that as a VM, I have an OCD affliction. My clothes are hung left to right, by colour grouping and light to dark with sleeveless to long sleeves within each group. Sleeves of course are combed. When shopping, I also like stores that show clothing in an orderly manner, making it easy for me to buy. Sometimes though, I see displays that make me scratch my head- especially when clothing is hung from the track light. I am not sure why they want my eye to go up as all merchandise is displayed below. I also do not walk nor stand with my head tilted up. I like my head comfortably just so, with my eyes directed straight ahead though my head can turn 45 degrees in either direction. Or, maybe its just me?Dont Dis Hang

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