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Quick Tips to Boost Post Holiday Sales

While in Manila for a Silent Selling workshop, I was asked for some quick retail tips to boost sales. I am sharing them with you in hopes you can pick something up to implement in your store.

Do You Find the Holidays Overwhelming?

When creating displays that promote the idea of holiday gift giving, the best way to convey this is using materials that evoke the spirit of the holidays. This is true with the window display above. However, it is also imperative to keep in mind that the products must be the one grabbing customer attention rather than the holiday decorations. After … Read More

Ready for the Summer Selling Season

3 days of visual display & merchandising strategy implementationcompletes Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre’s Coyote giftshop’s transformation. Many thanks to the retail team and it was indeed such great pleasure to work with you all! #Nk’Mip #Coyotegiftshop @Nk’MipDesertCulturalCentre #OsoyoosIndianBand #Osoyoos

Sustainability is a Consumer Value

I’ll let you in on something a lot of people don’t know about me. I LOVE TREES! In fact, I love everything about them. I love being amongst them, breathing various forest scents and most of all, I love to close my eyes while in the midst of trees and hear their leaves ruffle. Therefore, when it comes to building … Read More

Inattention to Detail: Aren’t these Fendi Glasses?!

A sign is supposed to provide customers with an expectation to find specific products housed within the unit. Isn’t it? I feel bad for Fendi as their products are not properly signed and thus, lost a marketing / selling opportunity.

Consistency in Signage Equals Sales

From Exterior Poster Sign, to Windows to Interior Selling Signs, this is a WOW! Talk about successful layering of the store’s message- I like how the sign hierarchies are fulfilled.

DO: Vintage Luggage as Display Fixture

VINTAGE LUGGAGE and TRUNK as part of a nesting table display adds character and drama to the presentation. It conveys that the merchandise shown can also be worn during exotic travels around the globe.

Repetition At Its Best

I read somewhere that conversion occurs when a customer had been exposed to an item 7 times within the selling space. If this is true, Tom Ford just did a good job in exposing customers to his brand and product.

Do you like this display?

Well, right of the bat we know these shirts are premium priced. 3 shirts high and two wide only in a 4 ft. shelf has as much spatial intensity as one could to convey the higher price point. What caught my eye though, are the framed pictures at the back of the shelves. I like that it caught my attention, … Read More