Can’t Miss Branding Message

Ivanhoe Cambridge requested that an unoccupied unit at Metropolis at Metrotown be converted into a lounge area that will fulfill two tasks: the first is to convey that gift cards are not limited to Metrotown but also can be used at any of the other four Ivanhoe Cambridge centres in BC. The second task is to sell the gift cards. With the lounge operational only for six to eight weeks, and the fact that the unit turnover was only set at 10 days prior to opening, we had to be conscious of both budget and time.

To create a strong visual of the brand, company graphics was used throughout the wall. For flooring, a non-slip stick on material was used to convert the worn wood laminate flooring into white that conforms to the overall theme. Holiday accessories were added in to convey the season. Impact was achieved with the use of 5′ wide x 3.5′ tall images of the 5 Ivanhoe Cambridge centres in BC hung on the walls.

While it was nice to attract the adults, I thought of adding in a gigantic bear to bring children in and at the same time, their parents. While still working in the unit, there were already numerous kids so happy to have their photos with the bear!

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