Can you improve this window display?

What makes a window display effective?
1. It has to attract attention
2. Get customers into the shop
3. Sell the merchandise being promoted
How does this window display fare? Well….
1. A beautiful woman in a bikini sure does attract attention.
2. If one is in the market for a bikini, yes, one would go into the shop. But what if you’re not? Would you still go in?
3. Hmmm. Sell the merchandise. Which one? The backpacks or the bikini?
The window would’ve been better if they had a mannequin or body form sporting the same bikini as the model; or even 2 body forms sporting the same colour story. But backpacks? If I wanted a backpack, the last place I will likely buy them from is a swimswear shop. –Just my opinion.

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