C Stands for Category Adjacency Layout

Now that our communities are starting to ease into more openings, I thought some retail tips and strategies to capture your returning shoppers may be helpful. I will take the next few weeks to go through an A to Z list of things for you to consider. Hope you can glean a few ideas to employ in your selling space!

C is for Category Adjacency Layout
 With less shoppers coming in to our physical stores due to concerns about the on-going pandemic or due to government restrictions, it more than ever, crucial that we maximize all selling opportunities that their presence in our selling space provides.

Giving careful thought to where one locates product displays, be it within a fixturing unit, a section, a department or within a floor of a department store can only benefit overall sales. A symbiotic relationship between products mean ensuring that adjacent items are advantageous to both. For example, locating women’s fashions adjacent to women’s accessories is a given. So are cosmetics and fragrances, health and beauty aids; bed and bath, kitchen and dining. I think you get the drift. If a shopper comes in to purchase beauty aids for example, other self care products will interest them as well.

Take a look at the image below. Do you think shoe polish will promote the sale of oral care products? Could this be better located elsewhere so that other merchandise that relate to oral health can be placed here instead?

How about this image? Exercise videos adjacent to watch straps? Or would this be better adjacent to other exercise equipment and accessories?

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