Retail Do and Don’t: In-store Lighting

DO: Tracklighting allows for highlighting of merchandise both on the wall or floor unit.DON’T: Potlights are good at providing general illumination but fail to highlight specific merchandise.

Do and Don’t: Shop Layout-Aisles

DO and DON’T: SHOP LAYOUT-AISLES DO: A clear aisle invites customers to interact with products and provides easy access to all merchandise. DON’T: Inventory boxes should be put away during business hours, providing customers with an unobstructed access to all merchandise.

Do and Don’t: Housekeeping at the Cash Desk

DO: A clean, neatly organized cash area leaves a positive impression. DON’T: Customers can view all angles of a retail cart or kiosk- and this includes the operational areas. Keep in mind the last impression of a customer happens here.

Do and Don’t: Display Merchandising

DO: A strong merchandise story is presented not only through colour and theme but also sharing the same functional end-use. DON’T: Hardly a logical display! Clothing shown has absolutely nothing to do with home decor accessories surrounding it.

Do and Don’t: Relevant Category Adjacencies

DO: All merchandise designed for the same end-use makes for a great display story—-in this case, mops and cleaning products share the same brand and end-use. DON’T: Products geared for use in the mouth are better off merchandised apart from items for intimate use.

DO and DON’T: CUSTOMER SERVICEDO: Approach customers to serve their needs. DON’T: Ignoring customers fail to maximize selling opportunities.

DO and DON’T: SEASONAL WINDOW DISPLAYSDO: A beautiful spring window reflects the current season. DON’T: This photo was taken in May. Graphics that depict a winter scene must be taken down by February at the latest. Merchandise displayed must also reflect the season’s colours.

DO and DON’T: SELLING SIGNS DO: Product values are supported when the proper sign design is applied. DON’T: A $500 item deserve more than a handwritten sign and better display platform.

Retail Do and Don’t: Lighting

DO: A warmer approach to lighting illuminates an inviting selling space DON’T: Lighting tailored for grocery and drugstores do not work well selling the romance of home furnishings.

Retail Do and Don’t: Layout / Aisles

DO: Ensure an open pathway for shopper traffic to easily penetrate your shop interior. Keep a minimum of 3′ for aisle space. DON’T: Blocking aisles with fixtures is a surefire way to discourage customers from fully shopping your selling space.