Retail Do and Don’t: Lighting

DO: A combination of general and track lighting allows for a brighter store with accents on wall and floor unit displays. DON’T: Inadequate lighting fails to properly illuminate merchandise displays. This makes for an uninviting shopping environment.

Retail Do and Don’t: Layout / Entryway

DO: A clearly defined entryway invites customers to walk further into the store. DON’T: Gondola units that block an entryway hinders not only sight lines but also the main traffic flow into the shop.

Do and Don’t Housekeeping: The Right Fixture

DO: (After) Grouped tightly, things are easy to find and a pleasure to view. Don’t: (Before) Even when neatly placed, items belonging to a single story look cluttered when displayed in different units.

Do and Don’t: Window Displays

DO: Merchandise grouped together by colour and theme attracts positive attention. DON’T: Just because a shop carries many different products does not mean they all have to be displayed at the same time and the same location. Choose a single story to tell.

Retail Do and Don’t: Signage-Retail Identity

Storefront signage that convey expected product mix makes for easy shopping. Store names that have little or no bearing to products sold are harder to market. In this case below, crystals and giftware.

Retail Do and Don’t: In-store Lighting

DO: Tracklighting allows for highlighting of merchandise both on the wall or floor unit.DON’T: Potlights are good at providing general illumination but fail to highlight specific merchandise.

Do and Don’t: Shop Layout-Aisles

DO and DON’T: SHOP LAYOUT-AISLES DO: A clear aisle invites customers to interact with products and provides easy access to all merchandise. DON’T: Inventory boxes should be put away during business hours, providing customers with an unobstructed access to all merchandise.