Do and Don’t: Selling Signs

DO: Keep sign design consistent from storefront to back. DON’T: Mix poorly handwritten signs with printed ones. Keep them all professionally finished to ensure that perceived product values are not compromised.

Do and Don’t: Lighting Displays

DO: Light displays properly. Spot on the brand, flood on the body forms. DON’T: Ignore the main display. Direct eye to the bust form by adjusting light to focus on it.

Do and Don’t: Housekeeping- Inventory Replenishment

DO: This is a wonderful display. One that is not only fully merchandised but invites customers to buy in multiples- a top, a jacket and pants. DON’T: Don’t leave a selling opportunity unutilized at any moment. What a waste of prime real estate!

Do and Don’t: Feature Area Displays

DO: Present a clear story, one theme at a time. This has greater impact than displaying multiple stories.DON’T: Too much of everything, customers see nothing!

Do and Don’t: Window Displays

DO: Create a window display showing an abundance of related merchandise.DON’T: A near empty window that is not only dark but also uninviting fails to attract attention.

Retail Do and Don’t: Store Name

DO: Choose a store name that reflects your identity–be it locale, product selection, price point, etc. DON’T: This boutique neither sells umbrellas nor rain gear.