Do and Don’t: Window Displays

DO: Create a window display showing an abundance of related merchandise.DON’T: A near empty window that is not only dark but also uninviting fails to attract attention.

Retail Do and Don’t: Store Name

DO: Choose a store name that reflects your identity–be it locale, product selection, price point, etc. DON’T: This boutique neither sells umbrellas nor rain gear.

Retail Do and Don’t: Lighting

DO: A combination of general and track lighting allows for a brighter store with accents on wall and floor unit displays. DON’T: Inadequate lighting fails to properly illuminate merchandise displays. This makes for an uninviting shopping environment.

Retail Do and Don’t: Layout / Entryway

DO: A clearly defined entryway invites customers to walk further into the store. DON’T: Gondola units that block an entryway hinders not only sight lines but also the main traffic flow into the shop.

Do and Don’t Housekeeping: The Right Fixture

DO: (After) Grouped tightly, things are easy to find and a pleasure to view. Don’t: (Before) Even when neatly placed, items belonging to a single story look cluttered when displayed in different units.