What NOT to do with Electrical Cords

What’s with wires?! Yes, I do not like them either, but they are an important part of lighting a display. Which would you rather have? One that takes the attention away from the products or one that recedes? I know which one I prefer. Take the time to do things properly- after all, retail is in the details. Have A … Read More

Do You Find the Holidays Overwhelming?

When creating displays that promote the idea of holiday gift giving, the best way to convey this is using materials that evoke the spirit of the holidays. This is true with the window display above. However, it is also imperative to keep in mind that the products must be the one grabbing customer attention rather than the holiday decorations. After … Read More

I am NOT a fan of Slatwall

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think Slatwall panels have a place in retail. In fact, they are great mass merchandisers. Dollar stores or popular price point establishments who wish to convey this to their shoppers can certainly benefit from its use. However, for specialty shops, boutiques, or any retail who wishes to elevate perceived product values are better off … Read More

Why Triangles Work

Many of you have already either worked with me or taken my seminars and workshops. In this case you already know that I love triangles not only because they are a basic shape anyone can apply to any display, but also because they draw customers’ eyes to the items one wishes to sell. They bring movement to an otherwise static … Read More

A Note on Housekeeping

I was once asked what are some of the common things retailers overlook when presenting a nice display. Funny enough, my answer has nothing to do with the actual display strategy or technique used, rather it was a more obvious practice of placing garbage ‘ready’ to dispose of on the selling floor. Ditto with deliveries. Take a look at this … Read More

Tried and True

This idea has been around for a long time, however I thought to show you how a price point display such as this can help your sales. Not only can this display draw immediate attention, but by placing this somewhere deeper into the selling space can draw customers to an otherwise challenged area. Displays like this can show customers not … Read More

Intensive Spatial Intensity

WHOA! TOO INTENSE? What do you think of these displays? When I first saw the one on the topmost photo, I thought it was a pleasant display! In fact, it is an innovative way to display the maximum amount of SKUs in a minimal amount of space. While I am not too enamored of the bottom walking shorts display, it … Read More

Where Would You Locate These Sandals?

I realize that retail staff can get very busy during peak seasons. However this does not mean just placing products out on the floor without giving thought to where they should go. Case in point these two images- I am not sure about you, but the likelihood of anyone crouching down to take a good look at these sandals is … Read More

Ready for the Summer Selling Season

3 days of visual display & merchandising strategy implementationcompletes Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre’s Coyote giftshop’s transformation. Many thanks to the retail team and it was indeed such great pleasure to work with you all! #Nk’Mip #Coyotegiftshop @Nk’MipDesertCulturalCentre #OsoyoosIndianBand #Osoyoos

Can you Make this Window Display Better? Challenge #3

This window display troubleshooting has more to do with the props used than the display build-up. It is vital that all elements used in creating an effective display remain consistent not only with the value of merchandise being sold but also the brand’s identity.The displays were taken from a window of a prestige french shoe designer in Las Vegas. The … Read More