As the efforts to re-open goes underway, Allyson Nelson, the proprietor of John Henry Marina Resort in Garden Bay, Pender Harbour had her shop re-vamped a couple of weeks ago and readied it for the upcoming busy summer season. About 50% of the space is allocated for groceries, wine and liquor while the remaining 50% housed gift and souvenir items. I … Read More

The Power of Touch

In this new normal, the role of sales associates in encouraging shoppers to interact with the product is more important than ever


Now that more of you are opening your retail shops, just a few pointers to assist with your opening. We all acknowledge that the virus is still around and any consideration we apply to mitigate its spread will be beneficial to our community. 1. When possible, have a one way traffic path inside your selling space to minimize close contact with each other.2. … Read More


Retailers are waiting for government guidelines regarding safety in our selling spaces. While we are looking for specifics, Worksafe BC has released a guide for retailers. The link is below.https://www.worksafebc.com/en/about-us/covid-19-updates/covid-19-industry-information/retail However the #1 question I get asked is what do we do with items in our shops that are high touch. Products that range from greeting cards to books, to plush … Read More

Ready for Your Shop Re-Opening?

It sure is a new Retail World out there! So many questions, too few answers. For many years, I have always espoused the sense of touch as one of the more powerful drivers of sale. The pandemic though, has turned this upside down. We now avoid touching anything that may have the virus. As retailers ask how do we operate … Read More

Quick Tips to Boost Post Holiday Sales

While in Manila for a Silent Selling workshop, I was asked for some quick retail tips to boost sales. I am sharing them with you in hopes you can pick something up to implement in your store. https://youtu.be/WSgkzL6Uyws

What NOT to do with Electrical Cords

What’s with wires?! Yes, I do not like them either, but they are an important part of lighting a display. Which would you rather have? One that takes the attention away from the products or one that recedes? I know which one I prefer. Take the time to do things properly- after all, retail is in the details. Have A … Read More

Do You Find the Holidays Overwhelming?

When creating displays that promote the idea of holiday gift giving, the best way to convey this is using materials that evoke the spirit of the holidays. This is true with the window display above. However, it is also imperative to keep in mind that the products must be the one grabbing customer attention rather than the holiday decorations. After … Read More

I am NOT a fan of Slatwall

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think Slatwall panels have a place in retail. In fact, they are great mass merchandisers. Dollar stores or popular price point establishments who wish to convey this to their shoppers can certainly benefit from its use. However, for specialty shops, boutiques, or any retail who wishes to elevate perceived product values are better off … Read More

Why Triangles Work

Many of you have already either worked with me or taken my seminars and workshops. In this case you already know that I love triangles not only because they are a basic shape anyone can apply to any display, but also because they draw customers’ eyes to the items one wishes to sell. They bring movement to an otherwise static … Read More