BLACK FRIDAY, yes I already know its year end, but…

Ahh, the BLACK FRIDAY sale extravaganza. It’s waaay past, in fact, it was a month ago, but I had to share this to you all. Yes, I was down in the US to experience for myself this crazy retail day. I was on business mode, taking photos, noting shopping behaviours, etc, you know, ‘research’. …. and well, yes, to shop too! 2 ply cashmere sweaters were at a ridiculously low price of $39.99 at Macys and at the Loft outlet. Therefore, when I saw this sign hanging by the window of this shop (who shall remain nameless), I was shocked! $19.99 for cashmere?! WHAT?! I rushed in to check them out, maybe they’re 1 ply cashmere? Turns out, I was wrong. What a fool I was. The poster didn’t say ‘cashmere’ did it? MERELY ‘CASHMERELY’- see tiny note below where it says 100% acrylic. Well, the poster worked well, it sucked me in and I’m sure countless others. But is this really a good way to get customers into the shop? ‘Disappointment’ is hardly a good feeling to have toward a shop. In fact, in my case, it was more a case of ‘Animosity’. GRRRRRUsdXmasCashmere

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