B is for Branding

Now that our communities are starting to ease into more openings, I thought some retail tips and strategies to capture your returning shoppers may be helpful. I will take the next few weeks to go through an A to Z list of things for you to consider. Hope you can glean a few ideas to employ in your selling space!

Some retailers hardly think of branding as a key selling point, however, I cannot emphasize enough the important role this plays with building your audience. While branding goes beyond your shop name and its design, this is a good place to start. Think about how your name will resonate with your target market. How does the colour, font style and size of your logo support your product selection and values you offer in your store? Is it in line with your business identity?

The easiest way to ensure your brand is kept in mind (at least within your selling space), is to include this in both your selling and operational signs throughout your store. The example below shows how this can be done.

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