Ahhh, the Bellagio Las Vegas HOLIDAY displays…

For those of you who have been to Bellagio Las Vegas, you know the fantastic garden displays they have. I was there just a few weeks ago and they did not disappoint with their autumn garden. Too bad, I left just when they were converting the garden to their holiday display. That would’ve been a sight to behold. No matter, I can console myself with their holiday displays in their shopping row. You know, the ones that have the Chanel, Armani, Gucci boutiques? In great anticipation, I walked into the shopping row, only to be disappointed. Really? Cheap looking banners? Some holiday baubles? That’s it? Where’s the mouth dropping displays? Well, my mouth did drop but not for the reason I thought it would. It is sooooo sad to have my expectations crushed so harshly. Maybe they’re not done with their displays? Maybe more is to come? Anyone out there in Bellagio shopping row this holiday season, let me know if they did something other than the picture below.UsdXmasChpBellagio

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