70% OFF Sale! Uh…where?!

Just like anyone, I LOOVVEEEE a good sale. You know, the ones where your heart skips a beat and your feet just unconsciously walks toward the shop? Make it doubly so as the sale was for shoes! With expectations of finding things (up to- boy do I hate that disclaimer) 70% off, I told my husband to please please please wait, I would just be a few short minutes. Knowing me, he knows that a few minutes can easily turn to half an hour or longer. However in this case, I surprised him for I was back with him in a minute. A world record, according to him. Why? Though I expected not all items will be 70% off, I expected that products would at least be 25 or 50% off? But in this case, the first item I picked up wasn’t even 6.5% off. Yes, you read that right, NOT EVEN 6.5% off. See the 70% off sign right next to the shoe? That is just so unfair to set customer expectations and disappoint them BIG TIME!  Dont Sign TC3

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